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Company Background

ControlCase, LLC is a United States based company headquartered in McLean, Virginia with locations in North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Middle East to serve our clients globally.

We provide solutions that address all aspects of IT-GRCM (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Management).

We also are the pioneering and largest provider of Managed Compliance services (Compliance as a Service - CaaS) and a leading provider of PCI compliance services internationally.

ControlCase focuses on providing and developing services, software products and managed solutions. Our solutions help organizations to manage Governance, Risk Management and Compliance related to IT operations. We provide solutions that help organizations address regulations such as PCI DSS, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), GLBA, HIPAA, CoBIT, BITS SIG/AUP, J-Sox etc.

PCI related Compliance Services are a focus of the company. ControlCase has PCI experience on all sides of the card business, including the acquiring as well as issuing sides. Additionally, ControlCase has exposure to all links in credit card process chain Member Card organizations like VISA/MasterCard, Member Banks, Third Party Processors (TPP), ISOs, DSEs, & IPSPs (Internet Payment Service Providers) and BPOs/KPOs etc.

We are a certified ASV vendor and a PCI DSS QSA and provide PA DSS certifications.

Solutions That Work For Your Business

We enable large, medium and small sized companies, federal and state government agencies by providing managed compliance solutions that are consistent and repeatable for unrivaled value over the life of a regulation or standard. With the use of our software solutions, we can assist you in achieving compliance in less time and consistently year after year.

Apply deep industry knowledge to solve complex compliance & security challenges

ControlCase professionals have years of practical and hands-on audit, compliance and risk management experience. Most of our employees have worked for Big4 audit companies and/or Fortune 500 firms. We leverage our experience serving various clients to provide comprehensive solutions to meet the objectives set forth in PCI, SOX, FISMA, and GLBA. Our approach has been proven repeatedly at large national and international organizations.

Making compliance manageable for your organization through Managed Compliance

ControlCase, the global leader in managed compliance, has successfully assisted hundreds of clients worldwide in becoming compliant with various security standards and regulations in a cost effective and optimal manner. From PCI to SOX to GLBA, ControlCase has assisted clients in meeting their compliance and security objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.

ControlCase has assisted clients with:

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